• Clean, Dust and Tidy

Furnishings which are coated in grime and dust will hinder the beauty of a light-filled home. Clean and maintain all of your bench tops, windows, light bulbs and fixtures so the light that enters the house will shine in its full capacity. 

  • Light Color Palette

In order to choose the best color palette for your home, you must familiarize yourself first with wall painting colors, and contrasts. Do you know the light colors reflect and pick up more light efficiently compared to darker hues? If you want, you can color your home using a soft palette for a more comfortable vibe. 

  • Positioning

Furniture placement is the key to a wonderful first impression. Remember to place pieces away from the direct stream of light. If you need help in positioning home accessories and furniture pieces, feel free to hire the services of a top interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Mirrors

Using mirrors can really transform your personal space. It won’t only reflect light, it can also make a room appear more spacious. Utilize this interior design trick for the illusion of a bigger environment. The bigger your mirror is, the better you reflective assets you will enjoy. 

  • Ceilings

Regardless of the amount of natural light your personal space gets, it’s a nice idea to paint your ceilings in a shade which is a bit lighter compared to the walls. This would open up your area, and give the feeling of a much brighter, lighter room.

  • Doors

Settle with a glass-paneled door to allow additional light to infiltrate your home. If you are worried about privacy, pick etched, tinted, frosted or patterned glass.