Ecommerce has changed the retail behavior by providing customers experiences tailored to them.  By offering significant benefits and deals to the customers, you are increasing your competitiveness as an online retailer. But to stand a chance in the industry, there are other factors that you need to integrate like marketing tactics and tools, smooth logistics and communication as part of your plan.

PunchOut Catalogs

Having PunchOut capability in your website ecommerce web services benefits you greatly. This provides customers or clients straight-forward purchases from you. This allows you to up-sell and cross-sell additional services or products. This also opens the opportunity for large corporations that search for PunchOut capable sites to do business with you.


MailChimp is an excellent platform that helps you manage your email marketing campaigns – and it’s for free. This is a great for startup and small businesses that you can connect with your BigCommerce, WooCommerce. Shopify or Magento and help you create targeted campaigns thru email. This tool helps you nurture leads and create tailored email campaigns relevant to the interest of your customers based on their purchases, behavior and preferences.


Zendesk offers different features that can simplify customer interaction. Integrated with Zendesk are live chat software, customer support platforms, reporting and analytics, and call center / help center you can customize.


Optimizely is one of the best tools out there that measures the effects of A/B testing.  See what converts into higher revenue within your site by testing your different layouts, color and design and copy.


Google Ads

A more efficient way of promoting your website and boosting sales is by using Google Adwords. Organic searches are effective when getting traffic into your website, but translation into sales is not that high. Create your ads using this tool where it will be displayed in Google’s search based on the relevant keywords used by searchers. And since this is a pay per click basis, you can save up on your ad budgets.


An amazing marketing tool that is powered by an AI, Boomtrain lets you automate the process of sending your personalized email marketing campaigns relevant to each recipient. It lets you analyze the behavior pattern of your customers which you can use to create a more meaningful experience to them.

The AI automatically predicts what time of day best to send your email campaigns based on your customer’s behaviors, and it even adapts to changes.


Considering these effective tools in your business plan will work wonders for your ecommerce website.