SEO- Is Ranking Number One Still the Main Goal?

SEO- Is Ranking Number One Still the Main Goal?

If you have a website, it would be nice if it takes the number one spot in the search engine results page. Statistically speaking, websites that get ranked at the top spot tend to get the most clicks and therefore, more revenues.

However, is that still the case in today’s world? I mean, search engine algorithms have changed so drastically so it is actually a really good question, which I am hoping to answer in this article.

Why Rank # 1 is Important… A Few Years Ago

When you get the top spot, most likely, you’re going to get the most clicks. I mean, when we look at historical data, about 33% of people only click the first link and the second link only gets 17% and then it goes down from there.

That is why most companies and website owners are actually investing a lot of time and money so that their sites will still rank higher in the search engine results page (preferably getting the top spot).

Fall from Grace

So, how about today? Is ranking at the top spot still important? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it is still proven that people are likely to click the link on the top of the page. No, because there are now featured snippets or knowledge boxes that are placed at the very top of the page- making it easier to access.

Possible Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

  • Semantic Search is Taking Over

We used to rely on getting the right keywords and implementing them on our sites and content to rank higher. This is especially true back in the day, but now, thanks to the advent of Semantic Search, targeted keywords do not hold as much bearing anymore.

Nowadays, Google rewards websites that put value first than just keyword use. It doesn’t matter how you incorporate your keywords; what matters is that it feels and looks natural to the user.

  • Ancillary Benefit

One benefit of Semantic Search is that it has forced SEO specialists to focus more on content rather than on keywords. So, if you’re creating a guide on how to assemble a gaming computer, for example, since you do not focus on the keywords anymore, you’re more likely going to create something that presents real value to your visitors.

And because you’re more focused on the actual content than on the keywords, you will most likely get a lot more shares and your links will get passed around like a hot potato.

  • Click-Through Rates

A higher rank usually gets you more clicks and the higher your click-through rate is, the better your page rankings become. So you can see, there is a relationship between the two.

However, even though this is the case, there is no more guarantee that the page that is ranked number one will get the most clicks. What matters the most nowadays is the actual content.

Suppose that your page ranked number one but your direct competitor that is placed at number two offers better content than yours, then most likely, your competitor gets the lion’s share.


Do not get me wrong, getting the first spot is definitely something that you would want. However, it just doesn’t have as much bearing as it once had before so you mainly just focus on your content instead.

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SEO Services

SEO Services

5 Reasons to Avoid “Affordable” SEO Services

Following the wrong search engine optimization services can destroy your business. Never let that happen to you especially if you are dreaming to be the best seo company. Below are explanations why you must avoid these affordable SEO services. It’s possible to achieve improved online presence by managing a small SEO budget.

What are affordable SEO services?

Every person has their own perception of “affordable.” It is a subjective matter. However, one element remains to be true for anyone—efficient SEO is not cheap.

Here are 5 reasons why getting an affordable SEO company is not an amazing idea.

  1. You can’t do much without money.

There are very few actions you do on a limited SEO budget. You can do some time-dependent actions such as page-level optimization, keyword research and other technical optimization jobs. For bigger problems, you can may need to hire a web developer. This will cost you more money.

Clearly, you won’t get far with page optimization, technical optimization and keyword research. Definitely better than nothing. However, the ones that can generate organic search growth are the most high-impact activities.

Remember, the two largest growth drivers are backlinks and content. They are also the most capital-intensive ones.

2. You will surely lose in the long run.

SEO ServicesSure, you would want to make more profit, but never invest on cheap SEO services. Don’t invest on cheap services if you don’t want to savor the cheap consequences.

If you don’t want to land any penalty, don’t invest on affordable SEO services. Even if the poor-quality techniques function in the short term, you’ll still end up getting penalized. In order to get eliminate the penalty, you would need to get a more reputable company.

Keep in mind the value of your money, time and also business assets.

3. You won’t acquire any assets.

Quality backlinks and content are your business assets. This only means that they will bring your business its much-needed long-term value.

The bad news? cheap SEO services can’t deliver tangible assets. They don’t have the capital to get quality link placements, and high-quality content.

4. Scalability = Cookie Cutter

Affordable SEO firms utilize cookie-cutter strategies. Why? This is because these companies can’t scale if they need to do any creative job. Remember, SEO is one of the most dynamic skills, and every campaign is unique. Every client has different needs and requirements.

Cookie-cutter approaches are always of poor quality, and rarely works.

5. Experience is priceless.

SEO companies providing affordable SEO services need to employ cheap labor. In turn, cheap labor equates to inexperience.

How to recognize inexperienced staff members in an agency? Find any kind of bragging about how big their team is. Skills, tested strategies and experience are the keys to great SEO results. Not a big team of entry-level people.

3 Excellent Solutions for a Small SEO Budget

1. Do it all by yourself.

Working on the SEO basics yourself is, most of the time, safer than getting cheap SEO services. This can give you more control. You will be the only person responsible for you own success. Moreover, it will force you to understand more things about SEO.

SEO Services2. Dip your toes.

Once you understand the effective SEO strategy structure, begin investing in the right SEO components.

3. Be patient. Wait.

Never rush your decisions when it comes to SEO services. Do you have a tight budget? Then, save up for a while. Afterwards, you can hire a quality, reputable SEO agency that can help you increase your organic web search traffic.

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